Explosion Diagrams in Augmented Reality

This article introduces explosion diagrams to augmented reality (AR) applications. It presents algorithms to seamlessly integrate an object’s explosion diagram into a real world environment, including the AR rendering of relocated objects textured with live video and the restoration of visual information which are hidden behind relocated objects. It demonstrates several statuss of visualizations for convincing AR explosion diagrams and it discusses visualizations of exploded parts as well as visual links conveying their relocation direction. Furthermore, we show the integration of our rendering and visualization techniques in an AR framework, which is able to automatically compute a diagram’s layout and an animation of its corresponding explosion.


Denis Kalkofen, Markus Tatzgern, Dieter Schmalstieg, Denis Kalkofen, Markus Tatzgern and Dieter Schmalstieg. “Explosion Diagrams In Augmented Reality.” In IEEE Virtual Reality, 71–78, 2009.