Retargeting Video Tutorials Showing Tools With Surface Contact to Augmented Reality

A video tutorial effectively conveys complex motions, but may be hard to follow precisely because of its restriction to a predetermined viewpoint. Augmented reality (AR) tutorials have been demonstrated to be more effective. We bring the advantages of both together by interactively retargeting conventional, two-dimensional videos into three-dimensional AR tutorials. Unlike previous work, we do not simply overlay video, but synthesize 3D-registered motion from the video. Since the information in the resulting AR tutorial is registered to 3D objects, the user can freely change the viewpoint without degrading the experience. This approach applies to many styles of video tutorials. In this work, we concentrate on a class of tutorials which alter the surface of an object.


Peter Mohr, David Mandl, Markus Tatzgern, Eduardo Veas, Dieter Schmalstieg and Denis Kalkofen. “Retargeting Video Tutorials Showing Tools With Surface Contact To Augmented Reality.” In ACM Conference On Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), to appear, 2017.