Dynamic compact visualizations for augmented reality

In Augmented Reality (AR), careless augmentations can easily lead to information overflow. Especially on small screen devices, only a limited amount of information can be displayed comprehensively. Compact visualization filters data by reducing redundancies and creating a layout of the remaining information. Previously, this approach was applied to create static compact explosion diagrams. In this paper, we extend the approach to annotations, which are a major source of information in AR, and create compact layouts of annotations and annotated explosion diagrams. We present methods to transfer compact visualizations to dynamic AR settings and achieve interactive frame rates even on limited-resource hardware, such as mobile phones. Moreover, we create temporally coherent and scene-aware layouts.


Markus Tatzgern, Denis Kalkofen and Dieter Schmalstieg. “Dynamic Compact Visualizations for Augmented Reality.” In IEEE Virtual Reality, 3–6, 2013.