Image-driven view management for augmented reality browsers

In this paper, we introduce a novel view management technique for placing labels in Augmented Reality systems. A common issue in many Augmented Reality applications is the absence of knowledge of the real environment, limiting the efficient representation and optimal layout of the digital information augmented onto the real world. To overcome this problem, we introduce an image-based approach, which combines a visual saliency algorithm with edge analysis to identify potentially important image regions and geometric constraints for placing labels. Our proposed solution also includes adaptive rendering techniques that allow a designer to control the appearance of depth cues. We describe the results obtained from a user study considering different scenarios, which we performed for validating our approach. Our technique will provide special benefits to Augmented Reality browsers that usually lack scene knowledge, but also to many other applications in the domain of Augmented Reality such as cultural heritage and maintenance applications.


Raphael Grasset, Tobias Langlotz, Denis Kalkofen, Markus Tatzgern and Dieter Schmalstieg. “Image-Driven View Management for Augmented Reality Browsers.” In Proceedings Of the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, 177–86, 2012.