Embedded Virtual Views for Augmented Reality Navigation

In this paper, we present virtual embedded views used for turn-based pedestrian navigation in Augmented Reality (AR). Embedded views allow users to see around occluding structures and at the same time seamlessly integrate the augmented navigation aid into the otherwise occluded view. Users get a preview on upcoming route changes, without the need to consult an additional map view. We compare embedded views to other methods revealing the occluded navigation aids. We demonstrate that the technique is more screen-space efficient when compared to ghosting, which is a typical x-ray vision technique, and may better facilitate the mental linking of information, when compared to a mirror.


Markus Tatzgern, Denis Kalkofen, Raphael Grasset and Dieter Schmalstieg. “Embedded Virtual Views For Augmented Reality Navigation.” In International Symposium On Mixed and Augmented Reality - Workshop on Visualization in Mixed Reality Environments, 2011.